As a manager, you have to be aware of everything that happens in the company; you have to coordinate and evaluate the projects on the way, and not just at the end when it could be too late. The lack of a well-informed leader, who has a clear vision and who can lead employees to accomplish goals is the main reason why so many companies evolve with the handbrake on and fail to form a team which is loyal and competent.  

A study that was conducted by IRES (The Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy) between the 1st and the 8th of April 2016 shows that if they left the company they work for, 35% of the Romanian employees would miss their colleagues and only 26% would miss their activity.



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The antitheft systems are an option, but we do not know certainly which is more efficient. We can joke about it, telling that it depends on the ability of the thief. Consequently, if your car disappears from the parking lot, it is recommended to have a backup plan to avoid being stolen.

A solution may be the insurance for recovering the costs of the car, but the procedure is a way too complicated and it can be denied in some cases. An alternative that will help you to recover fast the stolen car is installing the GPS equipment, that will send any moment where the car is.


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When you aren't able to finish a task or when you forget to do something important, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you are too busy. But this may be just a poor excuse for not structuring your activity well enough.

Busy 2

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You received an invitation to participate as an exhibitor at a fair, and you must decide whether this is an opportunity or simply a waste of time and money. Below you will find some ideas that we gathered during years of attending such events.


To be or not to be an exhibitor?


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Do you remember the college years when you used to postpone studying for exams until the day before? This kind of attitude can be seen at employees too when they delay starting work on a project because they are too busy doing other unproductive stuff.

Procrastination is a natural, emotional human reaction. Even if we trained ourselves to pass over this problem, there are days when we feel too lazy to start a new project.


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Nexus GPS Tracking is the complete solution for monitoring the activity of every vehicle in a company's fleet.


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Nexus Locator is a GPS Tracking Android application that records information about smartphones' position on the map.


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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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Enigma is a software solution that provides a full perspective on how employees use their computers at work.


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