You want to develop a long-term relationship with your customers, don’t you? Then, it is essential to learn how to adjust the services you deliver to satisfy their needs. No matter what kind of products you are selling, the most important are the quality perceived by your clients and how you make them feel during the whole sales process.


Attract costumers


Let’s see the five steps to building a connection with your customers:

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We recently launched a new feature for Zimplu CRM that will generate quotes in PDF and will reduce the time spent to create them by at least 70%. Also, the quotes will be more elegant, and everybody will use the same template, making your company look professional in front of your customers.

laptop work

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Of course, we’re not talking about building real borders, we are referring to geofencing - a modern technology adopted by more and more fleet managers, who use it to monitor their areas of interest (the office, customers’ headquarters, safe or dangerous zones, areas where the access is allowed or not, etc.)


This technology uses the GPS system to surround space virtually and to monitor when something or someone gets in or out.

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As the business relationships between European countries develop, more and more companies enlarge the number of employees who must drive abroad for work purposes.

highway image

You and your drivers should have reliable information about the road legislation and safety measures that apply in each of the states you pass through, to travel without problems and arrive at destination safely. Although the regulations are similar in the proportion of 90% across the European Union, the few differences could cause you unpleasant surprises.

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When you implement a new software for your employees to use, you do it with the enthusiasm of an active believer. But soon you realize that some of your people (or the majority) disagree and are resistant to change.

employees in cubicals

What to do when you are having trouble getting your employees to use the new CRM solution? There's no perfect recipe. But by including some (or all) of these actions in your approach, you'll have a better chance to be successful in your quest:

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Nexus GPS Tracking is the complete solution for monitoring the activity of every vehicle in a company's fleet.


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Nexus Locator is a GPS Tracking Android application that records information about smartphones' position on the map.


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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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Enigma is a software solution that provides a full perspective on how employees use their computers at work.


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