Every detail is important and every discussion with the client is a plus in company-customer relationship. Therefore, the decision to implement a CRM System will help you to obtain the desired performance and streamline the work in company departaments.

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Such a relationship goes through several stages up to fit a shape and materialize, called scale, that the company decide to invest in customer needs. Gradually, the client will choose to invest time and resources in the company that offered him support.

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It seems to be simple at the first view, right? But, after a few meetings that the companies establish with leads, they stop at the first “steps”.Which is the reason why companies can’t go forward?

From the beggining, every company want to get many leads, subsequently, to turn them into visible results and build a strong relationship with customers. Haven’t you over noticed that?

But it often happens that the companies are confrunting with small differencies, errors of communication, even inside the company and in customers- salesman relationship. Errors can turn in some cases into unexpected results for the company. Each company from every industry it was once hit by such a situation, where the information were misunderstood within different departments of the company. A crash can accure if your forget to mention important issues discussed with your clients.


The more your database of customers grows, the harder will be to keep the evidence of all matters discussed with each customers. Also, it will be difficult to find out which sales representantive contacted them, what offer has been presented, when was settled up next meeting and how they make payments/sing contracts.

Imagine that your accounting department should keep records of every client without a system or software that could make the work easier. Also, they have an extensive database of clients. How long they will invest in administrative activities? Probably more than 50% of their activities, leading to put the clients and their needs in shadow.

From another point of view, taking in consideration the salesman perspective he should keep in touch with other departaments in the company to be aware about new clients and new contracts . How could they do that in real time without having to give many calls, a process that would take most of their time? You have to take into consideration that once this process is running fast, your customers will be happier and you will gain their confidence.


A CRM System is the answer for all these questions and a way that willl streamline the work and communication into the company. This kind of system offers you a set of features that folds activites of each department.

One of this CRM Features is “ Notes & files” through which you will be able to:


1. Write notes concerning on each company/client

Whether you are part of the sales department or technical department, or any other, you can write short description about any conversation or activity with a company/client. Every note is recorded chronologically in CRM Sstem and can be accessed anytime.

For exemple, if a client requiers a product purchase, you can write all these features about sales process in the CRM System. The information can be accessed by the financiar department that will go on the process.


 2. Remember every detail

If you lose a phone number, an address or any other details that you should be aware of, a CRM System will help you to build a database where you will recover the information.

You will have a complete database, easy to manage. For exemple, if you are part of the accounting department, you can keep track of paying invoices, discussions on each payment date.

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3. Save every conversation

A CRM system helps you to keep track of every client, every discussion is kept safe. For exemple, suppose that an employee leaves your company and you don’t know what is the situation of your client relationship. In such situation, you can recover data from your database built in time.


4. Add documents as contracts, invoices and attachments

Every discussion with the customers includes an exchange of attachments, invoices, contracts. In this case , you can add documents in CRM System, which will be saved chronologically for each client.

When a client pays a bill, it will be added in application, where it can be accessed by other departments.In this way you will streamline the whole process.

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5. Facilitate the communication within the company

You will get an easy and fluent communication among departments inside the company. Each department is aware of any input from a customer. Department will find out every change that occures and who did it.

Suppose you sign a new contract and the technical deparatment should handle to deliver/install the product for the customers. In the CRM system, the technical department team will acces the details of the product and the requiers of the customers.


Due to getting aware of the benefits that such a system offers to a company, CRM industry developted each year, the concept of CRM gains on increasing atention from the managers. According to a data obtained after a study condacted by BuyerZone through company from USA, it was proved that 91% of the companies with over 11 employees, chose to buy a CRM product..

From what perspective you should look upon having this system?

If you are a company using this kind of application, all you have to do, considering that clients needs are the most important, is to offer time to develop a relationship with the customers and to leave the worrying activities on CRM system.

On the other side, if you are a company thinking of buying this kind of system you have to realise that such a software will not help you only to develop results but even to pass over you position on the market. If the other companies on the market have already bought this kind of system, your company would have a plus especially if you work with profesional and you want to offer a unique experience to your clients.

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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