The problem which every company’s sales department is confronting with, is about the time invested în each sales process. But this kind of process is influenced by administrative issues as quickly creating a relevant database, prioritizing and organizing activities according to their importance.

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According to what we said earlier, it was found that 47% of a salesman’s time is for actual selling process and 53% is for administrative activities. What does this mean? For all the sales process’s stages as the market research, customer approach, analysis of customer’s needs, solution proposal and selling them what they need, the salesmen have to treat every stage of the sales process without overlooking any detail, which could influence the proper completion of the sales process.

At the moment, regardless of the industry type, the managers are focused on increasing the work at office and easying the employees’ tasks adopting various strategies which help them to go to the right direction. Usually, the sales managers see a CRM system as a way to centralize easily the information, to monitor all the sales processes and the employees’ performances. Also, it’s a way that allows you to optimize your strategies and improve them.

Regarding to one of Tech New World’s researches released in 2012, 54% of the companies implemented a CRM system that increased their sales. Also, these companies were more open-minded when it came to talking about such a software.

What a CRM software wants to do is not to improve the salesmen’s lives, but rather help them efficientize their work and increase their potential.

So how can the implementation of such a software helps the sales department?

1. Accessibility and ease of working

The system has a special mobile version that allow the users to access it from everywhere. Also, this tool allows them to modify their activity’s status and develops the customers’ databases.

2. Time management is the key to success

This software offers its users the possibility to manage their time well, optimizing their schedule and prioritizing their tasks. This way, they will be sure not to miss any customer and contact the leads fast enough. The CRM system is setting the foundation of a strong relationship with the customers.

3. Measure the performance and exceed the limits

Allows the users to create activity reports, helping them measure the performance from a certain period of time. Also, the CRM system offers information about the stage of a user’s clients and the contracts that he manages.

4. Maintaining in real-time the customer relationship

A CRM system allows the users to have an evidence of every client, showing an activity log. The sales men can add notes which allow them to be informed in real time about the upcoming changes.

5. Focus on the client and his needs

Because it’s a system that stores all the information regarding the customers, this helps the sales representatives to identify their exact needs and anticipate the problems that might occur. Also, they can see when a client needs to renew his contract or buy another product or service.

6. Reducing administrative activities

If until now the sales process was based on a lot of administrative activites, the CRM Software facilities this process because of the features that it offers to users. These features are necessary for sales representatives because these keep records about clients and sales, prices and products details.

7. Reducing the costs

Although a CRM system is not a cheap software, this helps the companies to save money by reducing the issues which can influence the sales process and cause damage. In other words, such a system is cheaper than the costs of a company which hasn’t implemented it yet.


In conclusion, once a CRM System is implemented correctly and is friendly embraced by the employees, this is going to increase the potential of sales representatives, helping the company’s departments improve their organizational and administrative skills.

The sales team has to associate a CRM System with the fact that monitoring and creating a program based on their tasks allows them to easily manage their contracts, leads and sales planification, also the whole process will become more fluent, the focus being on the customer.

Not the last, as a company that implemented such a software, we can say from our experience that once a company is investing in a CRM System, this guarantees to reduce or even eliminate the risks a company could have faced along its life cycle.

Following the principle that “From simplicity, you evolve towards performance”, the company has decided to develop such a system, namely Zimplu CRM , much simpler than those existing on the market at this moment, without unnecessary functions. Also, it doesn’t require a long process of training to be understood. It’s a solution that we have also implemented and recommend to our customers due to its proven efficiency and ease of implementation and operation.

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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