Not many people are sparing time to do voluntary work. To solve the social issues which they are targeting and to be able to have an impact, these few people should develop their activity in an organized way.

Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation is an organization that successfully coordinates the project “Senior’s Phone”. The service is free, confidential and accessible to any senior who feels the absence of an interlocutor.


The aim of the project is informing the seniors for helping them to solve the daily problems. The operators of the phone line listen to the life stories of the old people and depending on the case, they are directing to institutions and organizations that can offer them practical support in the communities that they are belonging to, encouraging to find the most suitable solutions. Those who feel alone, the volunteer's team soothes their loneliness with the aid of the weekly calls, offering the moral support that they need the most.

How is it organized the volunteers’ activity?

In the Senior Phone Project, the specialized operators answer the calls and recall daily the old people from all around the country. The volunteers are involved in the regularly recalling of the old people that are affected by solitude and that present a high risk of social isolation. Each volunteer assign two hours every week for having a phone conversation with the person with whom establish a friendship.

How is the data managed?

Besides the basic team of the project, the Margareta Princess of Romania Foundation coordinates a 15 volunteers team. Each of them collects new information about the beneficiaries of the project with every call made. Their help is the Romanian software application, Zimplu CRM, that helps the volunteers to record and keep all the precious information about the evolution of each beneficiary and to participate to the developing of the database of the Senior Phone Project.

The database was created by the telephone operators and it was extremely helpful for making the activities more efficient and for increasing the quality of the offered social services. Thus, the Senior Phone team created specific fields for their activity, that divide the old people into categories, depending on the city they live, the age, with whom they are living and other details about the identified needs. With Zimplu CRM, the telephone line operators record and monitor the personal data of the seniors.

Also, for keeping a history of all the discussions had with the beneficiaries, the volunteers add notes in Zimplu CRM, after each call. As follows, if a volunteer leaves the association, all the collected data will remain in the database, and all his work can be continued successfully by the other colleagues or volunteers that will follow him.

Each person is important

For some seniors, the weekly call represents the only way of socialization. Therefore, it is truly important that the volunteers do not forget about a scheduled conversation and call the old people when they promised. The seniors know the day and the hour when they have to be recalled by the volunteers because these aspects are established by mutual agreement. For not forgetting any call, the team schedules the activities in Zimplu CRM, and if they schedule to talk again with a senior after a month, Zimplu will remember this through a notification and will offer all the information on the dashboard.

They are present at the special moments

The birthdays and the name’s days had a special meaning for each of us. For the most of the old people, these days are passing just as the other ones. Transforming a daily call into a meaningful one with best wishes brings back to the seniors the feeling that are valued and cherished. With the aid of the Zimplu CRM support tickets, all the special days are marked and once they are opened, can not be closed until the activity is not achieved.

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