When we talk about the fuel consumption, this is a matter which is a financial stress for companies.

Given that the technology increased, the companies can relief this stress by investing in different GPS system. Such a monitoring system can helps the companies to manage the activity fleet in a professional way. By using this technology, the companies can start monitoring the position of cars in real time, the driving style adopted by drivers, routes or deviations from the route.


Once you have a good organization of the fleet through such solutions, you will automtically reduce your costs with the fuel consumption.

Starting with the main problem, the fuel consumption which every company is facing, the most common situations that lead to increased the costs are caused by:

  • Deviation from the route
  • Driving erratically
  • Additional kilometers
  • Fuel theft

fuel consumption

In time, our client requests consist of providing solutions to prevent such situations and minimize the impact that these could have on their company profit.

We received such a request from a client who raised the problem of deviation from the route: What should I do to avoid the devations from the route and where each member of my team is?” It looks like the problem was quite serious and the company reported losses. At the same time, the company receives more and more complains from the customers who where frustrated that the team was not present on time at the meeting. More over, the team members reported to be present, but the reality was different.

We certainly know that an owner of a company or a “Client” can’t keep the evidence of all the routes and all the team members activities. They have more important tasks to do, don’t they?

Let’s try to think about it: How much time have you got for chasing if you adopt a solution that will help you to solve this problem? According to our experience we guarantee that you will be a few clicks away to find out if your team arrived on time at the meetings.

Bringing up to discussion the team and fuel consumption, have you ever wondered what the atittude of your drivers in traffic is? The efficency of team is not measured in time or duration of routes or arriving at the destination in the shortest time. In fact, driving erratically and it a high speed can cause a lack or a loss in the company budget. High speed increases the fuel consumption.

When the drivers are on schedule they don’t have to drive fast or to take long breaks. Every time they over speed or they stop more than they should we receive notifications via Nexus GPS Tracking solution.

What exactly do this notifications via Nexus GPS Tracking do for you? What results can be obtained through these alarm sets? For sure not to recall punishments all the time. We want to offer security to our team, to be helped to take action in order to avoid incidents as soon as it is possible. At last but not at least, the system helps us to organize better and avoid loosing time.

Through the time our interest regarding fuel consumption raised. So we start wondering about the main reason of increasing fuel consumption.

And look what we found out…Using Nexus GPS Tracking we analyzed for 2 months the costs and the number of kilometers for 10 drivers within a delivery company. We noticed that after implementation of a monitoring system, the number of additional kilometers fell by 20%, thus leading to lower costs.

At this moment you are probably thinking how comes to reduce the number of kilometers and cost in a short period of time. Once the company implemented the solution, they could see the routes in real time, the number of kilometers done correctly and also those done additionally. In other words, the company could get any report about routes made.


Increasing the number of kilometers occurs along with the benefit of having the car for personal use. An employee can take advantage of the company car more than you think it is possible.

The problem with extra kilometers is most often found among small fleets. But if we look at things in terms of fleet size, for the big fleets the fuel consumption represents 50% of the fleet costs. The costs are increasing in the most situations by fuel theft.

Perhaps the exact level of consumed fuel can not be measured, but you will certainly feel break down in your budget. And it is not desirable!

Try to remember what we discuss in the first part of this article about technology growing fast. The ways of measuring the fuel consumption have gained a accuracy of over 99%.

Nexus GPS Tracking is one of the solutions that led to fix such problems and has been implemented by more than 1500 companies till now. Once you implemented such a situation, it will help you to manage and streamline the activity of your departments whatever the situation will be. This solution can be adapted to the size of the fleet that you have.

It is usually difficult to explain the benefits of a new system so we offer you the posibility to try it for free and convince yourself about the benetifs of such a solution.

Try it for free!

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