The antitheft systems are an option, but we do not know certainly which is more efficient. We can joke about it, telling that it depends on the ability of the thief. Consequently, if your car disappears from the parking lot, it is recommended to have a backup plan to avoid being stolen.

A solution may be the insurance for recovering the costs of the car, but the procedure is a way too complicated and it can be denied in some cases. An alternative that will help you to recover fast the stolen car is installing the GPS equipment, that will send any moment where the car is.



What types of GPS devices are on the market?

The easiest and the cheapest equipment, the majority imported from China, are connected to the OBD thimble and are merchandised by all the monitoring solutions providers.

We have in stock this kind of equipment, but since a while, we stopped proposing to our clients. The problem with the devices that are connecting to the OBD thimble is that they are very easy to be found. If it will be a theft, the equipment will be searched, found in a short period of time and throw out of the car, says Florin Subtirica, the Nexus GPS Tracking Sales Manager.

We propose to our clients a device that is connected to the electric part of the vehicle. Consequently, it is better-hidden and is harder to be installed just in case someone finds it. Nexus Telematics GT1e is more performant but also advantageous as price.

What does it happen when a monitored car with Nexus Telematics is stolen?

The car route can be followed in real-time on the map because the equipment sends the position at every 30 seconds. This way, the thief will be surprised and the car will be recovered easily.

The owner of the car can set an area by default and a schedule. For example, if he uses the car on a daily basis from 7 am to 9 pm for the routes only in the Bucharest city, this information is recorded in the Nexus GPS Tracking System. So, if the car exits from the preset area or goes away during the night, the owner will be notified by a message. It may be the possibility that the owner will block the car’s engine from the Nexus GPS Tracking system, once he found out about the theft.

How does the GPS Tracking System work?

The installed device records the position on the map, the driving speed, the engine mode or the gasoline fuel consumption. Next, the data will be sent through GSM network, using the GPRS system. The info arrives at the Nexus GPS Tracking servers, where are processed and stocked. For accessing the data and the reports you need a computer with Internet connection and then you can connect to the GPS Tracking System with the username and the password.

What are other advantages that a GPS Tracking System does it offer to you?

1.Analyze how carefully and economically you are driving and enhance the performances as a driver. The system will generate a mark depending on how many times you accelerated and braked off suddenly, how many times you cross the legal speed and how many kilometers you crossed by.

2.You have an evidence of the fuel costs, repairs, revisions, etc. and you can set alarms that can remember you when the periodical technical inspection,vignette, insurance expired or when you have to service the car.

3.You can monitor the behavior in the traffic of the persons that are driving the car (for example, some parents would like to know if the youngster that has already taken the driving license has a cautious way of driving).

4.If you are working as Authorized Person you can subtract the fuel costs, the system will automatically complete the journey route.


Nexus GPS Tracking provides more sophisticated equipment such as the GT5e, suitable for the companies that want to monitors the car fleet. These equipment show the map position of the cars and moreover, you can read the information from the computer board for reporting exactly the fuel consumption.

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Nexus GPS Tracking is the complete solution for monitoring the activity of every vehicle in a company's fleet.


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Nexus Locator is a GPS Tracking Android application that records information about smartphones' position on the map.


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